TAPinto Paterson has invited all candidates for Mayor and City Council to offer statements on several key issues related to the future of Paterson. These submissions will be run in their entirety and not edited in any way.

Following are Third Ward Councilman, and mayoral hopeful, William “Bill’ McKoy’s views on crime and safety.


Moving Paterson Forward requires a comprehensive public safety plan that addresses the following three areas:

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1.  Utilizing advanced technology to make our Police and Fire departments more effective and our public   safety initiatives stronger;

2.  Re-organizing our city’s public safety departments to improve operational efficiency;

3.  Taking a proactive approach on the opioid epidemic.


Making public safety more efficient and effective means providing the department with   the resources needed to get the job done well.  Our shot spotter system has been successful and should be expanded, along with upgraded digital cameras and increasing the scope of our camera network to cover our major city intersections as well as entry points to the city.  Stronger community policing is essential to deter crime.

I would encourage the department to increase operational efficiency by moving highly-trained officers from behind office desks into the streets. Many administrative jobs currently preformed by officers could be handled by civilians, allowing officers to maintain stronger policing presences in our communities and improve response time.

Our city must lead the way by creating programs which provide resources and help to both the supply and demand side of the Opioid problem. We must find an alternative solution to the problem that includes medical treatment as well as job training and job readiness.

More important than any plan is electing an experienced and honest leader that has both the business savvy and common sense to implement highly effective tools, systems and strategies to combat crime.


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