Oliver B. Bomble, a gentleman of independent wealth, and his good friend Ocelot delve into the mystery of a mighty giant on a mission to set things straight in the world. The story is published in daily installments and will run until Election Day.  All previous installments can be found below the current episode.

Once he had settled back into Bomble Manor, Squire Ollie devoted himself wholeheartedly to his recovery. Outside, life continued at a propitious speed with Professor Zicboq doing his science and winter storms clawing at windows and doors. But within the walls of his home, Squire Bomble kept warm by a cozy fire, doubled-splinted leg resting atop a pillow and hand bell at the ready.

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“Can’t you make it a bit quicker, Jobes?” he asked when his manservant hurriedly entered the room one morning. “There’s a draft racing up and down the floor and my cast is bound to suffer from it. Can’t you seal up the windows with weather stripping or something?”

“I apologize,” said the healthcare provider as he put down a tray filled with nourishments and home remedies. Squire Ollie glared at it reprovingly.

“I don’t see any aniseed tea here,” he complained. “Here I am, helpless and dependent on others; I’m suffering in silence and yet no aniseed tea... Don’t you hear the doorbell ringing, Jobes? Why aren’t you answering it—it could be important. Do I have to do everything myself in my dire condition?”

Jobes swallowed uneasily and quickly made for the front door. But it was not a caller of high import requesting an audience with the master of the house. It was but a simple messenger carrying a heavy satchel full of handbills.

“There you go; one for you-pee-doo!” he announced cheerfully. “You should read it. It’s real funny!”

The servant accepted the flyer with a small sigh, without realizing that it would soon alter the course of his life.



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