Oliver B. Bomble, a gentleman of independent wealth, and his good friend Ocelot delve into the mystery of a mighty giant on a mission to set things straight in the world. The story is published in daily installments and will run until Election Day.  All previous installments can be found below the current episode.

Goose padded on, not a worry in the world, leaving Ocelot to look in amazement at the back of the billboard.

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“Is that a rubber hand?” he wondered. “Why would he be walking around with that? Wait a minute... Would that be related to those giant footsteps?”

Sounds of unrest at the gate told him that he was on to something, for there was the restive crowd already, past the entrance gate and onto the property.

“Over there!” the leader exclaimed. “There it is. Barribal will get him!”

“Away with Bomble!” shouted another, and the flash mob started advancing on the manor, slowly and menacingly.

Ocelot turned around with a start, as he realized that the cause of excitement had to be located somewhere behind him. And yes indeed, next to the window where the billboard had been parked, there was an ominous-looking handprint on the wall, which seemed to fit exactly in size the sign that Goose was carrying across his shoulder. But before he knew what to make of it, his attention was drawn to a window being opened cautiously.

“O-Ocelot!” Squire Ollie whispered anxiously. “W-What is g-going on?”

“There’s the imprint of a giant rubber hand on the wall here,” Ocelot began, but then the hollering crowd drowned him out.

“It’s the mark of Barribal!” they shouted. “Away with Bomble!”


Translation Copyright © 2014 by Adrian Meerman © Text and Images Toonder Company, Netherlands