Oliver B. Bomble, a gentleman of independent wealth, and his good friend Ocelot delve into the mystery of a mighty giant on a mission to set things straight in the world. The story is published in daily installments and will run until Election Day.  All previous installments can be found below the current episode.

“My, isn’t that an interesting development?” the scientist murmured. “Most promising for my study. How do leadership complexes play out in a dwarf who mistakes himself for a giant?”

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And he started writing in a fluent hand.

Ocelot obviously didn’t know any of this but had managed to quiet down the excited dwarf by referring to him as a ‘great leader’ and such, and by sowing doubts about Zicboq’s motivations.

“Why is he hiding you here?” he asked. “Because he wants to steal your glory, of course. You need to go out and show yourself in all your greatness. Then you’d have real power!”

These and similar comments brought the mighty Barribal down to a manageable level. He pulled his hood firmly over his head and followed Ocelot through empty hallways to the exit. He hesitated at the sight of some law enforcement types across the street from the building. They were captain Bulles and inspector Sherson, who had both stationed themselves near the entrance, each with his own perspective on the situation.

“It’d be worth something to me to apprehend that oversized scofflaw!” the police chief growled.

“Well, I wouldn’t want that little job,” the special agent quipped. “But it would be a thrill to look someone like that in the eye, Captain. Such a powerful personality!”


Translation Copyright © 2014 by Adrian Meerman © Text and Images Toonder Company, Netherlands