We get up every day and face a world that can be less than kind, and even less fair. It is truly up to us to create happiness and joy within our lives. In fact, it is our responsibility, if we want a fulfilled life. Some of us may find this in chasing our dreams. Others may find it in being nurturing providers for their family.

Whichever reason inspires us, it’s critical to our mental wellness to create avenues that will foster peaceful destinations to our daily living. One of the many ways for individuals to experience this joy and peace of mind is to build a discipline of reaping accomplishments. The positive energy of empowerment that is associated with winning at life (for some of us, that’s getting to places on time!) is one of the most powerful energies we can experience. 

Like everything else that’s worth having, work is required to create a happy life. It is said that we are magnetic beings, always attracting to us that which is within us. If that’s true, it would seem that we would want to protect our thoughts, words, and actions so that the energy we emit is reciprocated back into our lives. This would be considered intentional thinking, taking charge and being responsible for our energy in the way that we think, speak, act.

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One form of intentional thinking is done through vision boards. Vision boards are tools that help people focus on the goals they want to accomplish in their lives. Vision boards help you to

  • Visually identifies your goals 
  • Reinforce your belief in accomplishing the goal daily
  • Keeps you focused on your intentions

It’s no wonder then why Desarae Ward and Nija Bronson host an annual vision board party, Brunch with a Vision. For the 5th consecutive year the entrepreneurial duo hosts this electric event where women fill a beautiful banquet hall, ready to purge their life dreams onto their boards.

This year, the event took place on February 23rd at The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, NJ. The ambiance was perfect, setting the tone for magic to be made.  The attendees sipped endless mimosas and you could feel the happy energy permeating as they shopped from the vendors selling products from boutique fashions to jewelry. Camille Parmashwar, CEO of Long Island based Millie’s Luxury Closet, delicately tended to potential customers with her Indian earring collections. “I wanted to be at this event to expand my brand into the New Jersey market.”

Another vendor, Takiyah Diamond, author of "She Power to Profit," could be heard speaking life over the attendees, “you have to have power over your mind- you can be successful through the way you think!”. 

At one point Ward and Bronson took to the mic, greeting the attendees with a warm welcome and extending positive affirmations to the crowd as they introduced Nik Fields, CEO of Chic Chef. 

“I worked in corporate America as the VP of a bank and wanted to do more of what fulfilled me, after I raised my family- so here I am two cookbooks later and the 1st African American female to have her own olive oil and vinegar line of products, which was featured in People magazine,” the Los Angeles based Fields said.

The impressive roster of women entrepreneurs filled the room!

As attendees began reaching into boxes that were placed on their tables, filled with items to make their vision boards, the chatter became more energetic. Magazine clippings, positive words, beautiful pictures- all of it began to fill the boards, painting the visions of each individual inner intentions. 

“We want to inspire these women to reach for their dreams”, stated Ward. This event grows by the multitudes, year by year, and it’s evident why. People are being empowered to reach within and grab at the best of themselves and display it on these boards. Every moment and detail are filled with elevating one to focus on the intention of making greatness happen in their lives. Ward and Bronson are building an empire on inspiring others to be GREAT through the power of vision boards (intentional thinking). The duo is planning to host their Boss Connect event in May 2020, bringing women of diverse backgrounds to network and BOSS UP. If you are interested in being in the room as an attendee or vendor, contact Ward or Bronson 


Find Desarae Ward (@missambition23) and Nija Bronson (niyonce1) on Instagram

Find Nik Fields (@nikthechicchef) on Instagram