PATERSON, NJ - Three Paterson residents were arrested Wednesday and charged with various drug offenses after the Paterson Police Department's Narcotics Division conducted an investigation in the area of 150 E. 25th Street.

Jonathan Mejia, age 29, Camilo Mejia, 25, and Vanessa Gonzalez, 35, were arrested. Police seized 13 bags containing more than 2 pounds of marijuana, two bags filled with about 70 grams of cocaine, and various drug paraphernalia, according to a release from Paterson police. Authorities also seized $7,685 from Jonathan Mejia and $2,700 from Camilo Mejia.

Gonzalez was charged with possession of one Ziploc bag containing about 6 grams of marijuana. The Mejias were charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine and intent to distribute, as well as separate charges for intent to distribute the narcotics within 500 feet of Tony Lucas Park.

According to police, nearby residents complained of multiple occupied vehicles arriving and remaining at the location continually and leaving after a very short period of time.