PATERSON, NJ - Two Paterson men face drugs-related charges after, acting on an anonymous tip from a “concerned citizen”, Paterson Police Detectives conducted an investigation into illegal activity in the area of Park Avenue and 18th Street.

According to a statement by Police Director Jerry Speziale, the area is well known for prior drug investigations and arrests, and on Monday led to the arrests of Mark A. Johnson and Wilbert Castillo.

Johnson was charged with possession of 120 glassine envelopes of heroin, eight baggies of Molly (MDMA), and 20 baggies of powdered cocaine, with intent to distribute all of them within 1,000 feet of Eastside High School. Castillo was charged with possession of one bag of powdered cocaine.

Speziale also reported that $1,659 in cash was confiscated from Johnson.