PATERSON, NJ- Though she may be too young to notice, when two and a half year old Carly returns to her Paterson home following her extensive treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia she’ll be welcomed into a newly planted front lawn, freshly painted porch, and a much cleaned up backyard to play in.

The work, all done for free, and coordinated with the assistance of The Valerie Fund, came at the hands of nearly 30 volunteers from the Passaic County Board of Realtors (PCBOR) that gave their day, as well as much love and positive energy, to undertake the job on September 26 as part of Realtors Care Day, a statewide event that saw similar events take place on 12 sites across New Jersey.

While TAPinto Paterson was able to get the group to pause for a few moments for a group photo their efforts remained much more focused on the planting and painting, digging and debris removing that each had already invested so much sweat equity into.

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“Realtors don’t just sell houses,” Richard Scillieri, Chairman of the Realtors Care Day for PCBOR said. “We live for the community, for the people we sell houses to.”

The commitment to service, according to another volunteer who said that of 1.3 million realtors across the country 70% give back to their community in some way, goes well beyond Paterson and Passaic County.

“It’s all about paying forward to the community. When a stranger lends a helping hand it’s different because you are giving from the kindness of your heart,” Debra Flower, 1st Vice President, PCBOR previously told TAPinto Paterson. “It makes a great impact to see people from all areas of life come together to help each other out.”

“Hopefully this project inspires more acts of kindness because that’s ultimately what makes a stronger community.”


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