Dear Editor:

I am writing with regards to the Friday, April 1, 2011 article that gained national attention relating to the actions of a Paterson Public School teacher.
Paterson elementary school teacher is on administrative leave with pay after community parents and leaders complained that she called her students "future criminals" in a Facebook post, according to school officials.
The president of the Paterson branch of the NAACP sreported to the community that he contacted district Superintendent Donnie Evans on Tuesday when a resident told him a teacher had written on Facebook stating, "I’m not a teacher. I’m a warden for future criminals."

"First, I thought it was a joke," said Kenneth Clayton of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Paterson branch. "I couldn’t believe any adult would act that stupid, and would have a perception of our children that’s so demeaning and negative."

When I learned that the 1st grade teacher made this type of comment I was OUTRAGED. I must concur with the Rev. Kenneth Clayton, President of the Paterson Branch NAACP, that this is an adult teacher would act that stupid and make those type of comments regarding her 1st grade students.  These students are seven years old!

I am calling upon Governor Chris Christie, and the District Administration to revoke Jennifer Schmidt O'Brien's teaching certification in the State of New Jersey.

Quincy Battis, Paterson