“When Paterson residents continue to be overburdened by exorbitant taxes, crime and gun violence, an influx of drugs and users in our communities, dilapidated schools and diminishing school funding, the Governor making a second visit to use Paterson as a platform for political posturing or finger-pointing is an insult. Our residents need and deserve better state support and helpful solutions not empty promises. The city is in distress and the problems’ plaguing our communities has the city walking a fine line of despair and hope for the next four years under this administration."

“Our residents pay their fair share of taxes, yet feel as if we have to plead for adequate services from this Administration. The Governor publicly denied us additional state aid in September 2012 that would have helped to hire more police officers and initiate social programs to stem the blight of drugs and crime in the city. With layoffs of 100 Police Officers and numerous retired officers over the last three years, our Police Department is understaffed and overworked."

“As recently stated by Councilman Sayegh and former Councilman Rooney, how much does Paterson have to pay in New Jersey taxes to receive the support it needs! Paterson has seen a 41% percent property tax increase over the last three years. Our communities are facing mass foreclosures and a 16% unemployment rate, double the national average! Keep in mind that we could also lose $16 million in Public School funding this year and $50 million over a four year period."

“As the third largest city in the state, Paterson is more than a stop during campaign season. The hard working and generous people of Paterson deserve more support! So, what will it be 8.4 square miles of despair or hope?"