PATERSON, N.J. - The NBC I-Team uncovered more corruption allegations in Paterson where city tires companies are paying off city workers to allow them to dump more tires than they are otherwise paying to dump.

The I-Team focused on a particular business, Lafayette Tires, in the Riverside section of Paterson. Footage shows city employees taking cash in exchange for dropping off truck loads of tires, which are supposed to be billed to the company for between $1 - $5 a tire. 

A city worker whose identity was anonymous was quoted as saying "they may pay for 10-20 tires, but they are dumping thousands and thousands at the cost of the taxpayers". "This goes all the way to the top".

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The I-Team was tipped by workers to follow what they call the "clown truck", a truck over stuffed with tires so high that city workers have given it a nickname. That truck left Lafayette tires carrying what seemed to be almost 100 tires. A later OPRA request showed that on the day the I-Team witnessed the dumping, only 2 payments of $20 has been made.

Over a two month period of December 2016 - January 2017 OPRA request revealed that only $3746 was paid out to the city for tire recycling fees. During that same period Gaeta Sanitation billed the city of Paterson $20,332 to recycle those same tires. 

There is an ongoing investigation and all parties contacted for comment declined.