It’s that time of year again, just 13 days in and you’ve probably already broken that New Year’s Resolution.  “New Year, New Me” has already gone out the window! This will be the year where we actually start going to the gym regularly and eating healthier.  Not so fast!. However, it’s not too late to get back on track, and while fitness and a healthy diet are important to your overall health, one of the best and simplest changes you can make in 2018 is getting into the habit of drinking more water.



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We know you’ve heard it before, but it’s the healthiest thing you can drink. It quenches thirst, prevents weight gain, and reduces your risk of diseases like diabetes, tooth decay, and heart disease.


For those of you that read this and think, “but water has no flavor,” we get it. There are still plenty of ways to get some much needed flavor in your life without having to consume loads of sugars. One option is to add fruit or vegetable slices to your water. Whether it’s orange, lemon, lime, or cucumber, a few pieces of fruit in your glass will help flavor your water without adding any additional sugar or chemicals.


Take five minutes and look at the nutrient labels of your favorite sugar-filled drinks. You’ll be floored at just how many calories from sugar you’re consuming. In fact, the biggest source of sugar in the American diet comes from sugar in our drinks.


Nothing has a bigger impact than your friends and family. If sugary drinks are in the house it’s much more likely you’ll drink them. By making the decision not to purchase them, you and your family will be able to avoid temptation and reduce your sugar intake. Making the switch to water as a family can help improve your household’s health.   The question is, will you affect them or will you let them define you? Recruit some of your closest allies to #NJSugarfreed with you, and it’ll be easy to avoid temptation because you’ll be too busy kicking butt.


We all know we shouldn’t be hawking sugary drinks to our kids at home and in school.  But what about you? Do you really want to be surrounded by unhealthy sodas when you’re on the job? Talk with your boss about making drinking water more available, or even getting rid of the giant sugary sodas in the vending machines. That’s how you make #NJSugarfreed.

At the end of the day,  it is the small changes we make to our lives that can add to great benefits.  Drinking more water each day is the exact small step you can take to drink your way to that healthier 2018!

Orville Morales is a community outreach specialist with experience in Public Health Outreach with the Public Good Projects.  He works to decrease sugar sweetened beverage consumption in Paterson and New Jersey, at large.  Learn more at