TAPinto Paterson has invited all candidates for Board of Education to offer statements on several key issues related to the future of Paterson. These submissions will be run in their entirety and are not edited in any way.

Following is the final submission by Coery L Teague on the future of Paterson Public Schools:


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In my opinion, the future of Paterson Public Schools depends on who gets elected on Tuesday.

Literally there is a power struggle over a $600 MILLION budget. That equals tons of contracts and possible nepotism if the wrong folks are elected. Or, the people can come out and vote for INDEPENDENT voices who aren’t beholden to any political machines, groups or parties.

We need folks whose sole purpose is to serve, fight for, and protect our children! If we elect people who are running for any other reason than that then we are positioning the district for failure and a swift return back to state control.

The direction of the school district falls in the hands of the voters at this point. I believe I have proven over time that I am qualified and committed to be on the school board. But it’s all up to the voters.

I hope they will consider me as they enter the polls.


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