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    MLK Tribute: I Have Decided to Stick With Love

    By Doug Howe | January 19, 2016

    Letter to the Editor: As the first snow of the new year dusts the lawns of our quiet suburb, I am reminded how fortunate we are to live ...

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    Letter: Gov. Christie Must Protect Nursing Home Residents

    By Dave Mollen | January 13, 2016

    Letter to the Editor: We all need to be concerned about the quality of nursing home care. Just about everyone has a loved one who ...

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    Letter to the Editor: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

    By Lauren O'Brien | January 8, 2016

    Dear Editor and New Jersey Residents:   Mayor Colleen Mahr of Fanwood and I held a commemoration for gun violence victims on ...

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    Warren Letter to the Editor Makes News: Dad Saved by Strangers Wants to Say Thank You

    By Brenda A. Nemcek | January 4, 2016

    WARREN, NJ - A letter to the editor written on Dec. 29 is getting a lot of attention, but the Good Samaritans it seeks have still not ...

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    Dear Editor: Uber in New Jersey Response

    By TAP into Montclair Staff | October 28, 2015

    Dear Editor- Your paper recently published an op-ed by the president of the New Jersey Taxi Cab Association regarding Uber in the Garden ...

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    Record Numbers for Facebook and TAPinto

    By Bill Weightman | August 28, 2015

    I was struck after reading and listening to the BBC that this week that Facebook had one billion people on its services for a single day,

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    Need Police's Help on Rosa Parks Blvd in Paterson

    By MSJ | August 2, 2014

    I'm a resident on the infamous Rosa Parks Blvd. here in Paterson. I'm talking about Rosa Parks and the corners of Pearl St. and ...

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    NJEA and the Paterson Education Association

    By Helida DiGiacomo | July 13, 2014

    I am a member of the Paterson Education Association and work for the third largest school district in the state of New Jersey for the ...

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    A Community's "Genesis"

    By Christopher Fabor Muhammad | July 11, 2014

    “Bang, bang! Another shot. Nothing left but another heart …” were the poetic words written by 11 year old Lexie ...

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    Genesis Rincon Tribute

    By Ron Tuitt | July 10, 2014

    What was on 12-year-old Genesis Rincon's mind en route to the store for a cold soda Saturday night with her sister and a friend in ...

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    Please Help Us

    By Tina Krankel and Nicole Jimenez, Paterson Public School Teachers | June 29, 2014

    As teachers in Paterson, New Jersey for many years, we have seen respect come and go. In the last four years, we have been stripped of ...

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    Currie's Candidacy Criticized

    By Gus Penaranda | April 18, 2014

    When Putin sent in troops to Crimea, he took pride in taking over part of the Ukraine, without firing one shot, and now John Currie,

  • The Future Backroom Deal for the City of Paterson

    By Gus Penaranda | March 5, 2014

    The recent report on more questionable payouts to Paterson mayors and city council members should be a wakeup call to all ...

  • Paterson's Race to the Bottom

    By Gus Penaranda | February 12, 2014

    The third largest city in New Jersey is Paterson. Most people from NJ are aware of Paterson but try to avoid the city because it has ...

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    Save Our Children from Guns and Gun Violence

    By Patricia McNeil | February 7, 2014

    Children are bringing pellet guns into the city schools.  The pellet guns the children are bringing into the Paterson Public ...

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    DPW Supervisor Mania Sounds off on Deputy Director Hiring Procedures

    By | January 17, 2014

    Dear Editor: Regarding “Paterson fills deputy post at DPW” (Page L-3 January 17, 2014 North Jersey ...

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    Campaign for Paterson

    By Nicholas Rivera | October 12, 2013

    Campaign for Paterson is a bipartisan movement created by Nicholas Rivera.   The purpose of Campaign for Paterson is to ...

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    A Sad Day for Paterson

    By Jose "joey" Torres, Former Mayor of Paterson, NJ | June 4, 2013

    As a Patersonian, and former Mayor, I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Frank Lautenberg. I have known Senator ...

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    NorthJersey.com Story About Me is Inaccurate

    By Ron S. Tuitt | April 25, 2013

    Regarding the recent article on NorthJersey.com, “Paterson Teacher fired for sending students to flush his urine”: My ...

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    Discard Racial Discord and Promote Unity in Paterson

    By Kenneth D. McDaniel II, Paterson City Councilman At-Large | April 15, 2013

    I am happy to report that with regard to an unintended difference of opinion stemming from a recent facebook posting of an amateur video ...

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    Paterson Charter School Making Tremendous Progress

    By Robert F. Guarasci | April 12, 2013

    To the Editor: I am writing regarding the recent story about how Paterson charter schools fared as represented on the new state ...

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    Employee: St. Joseph's Hospital Underpays, Takes Advantage of Employees

    By Domenic Stell | April 10, 2013

    To the Editor: I just want to write and let the city of Paterson know what kind of a Hospital St. Joseph's really is, and this ...

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    A Letter to the Paterson Board of Education

    By Jessie Rayot | March 30, 2013

    Dr. Evans and Paterson Board of Education: Maybe you remember me from the meeting last night. I was the second speaker. I brought ...

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    A Missed Moment

    By Kenneth D.R. Clayton | March 14, 2013

    When I was first contacted about Governor Christie's desire to have a town hall meeting in Paterson, and at St. Luke Church I was ...

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    Why Not Us?

    By The Rev. Alejandro Benjamin | March 13, 2013

      How interesting! Ethnic, religious and charitable organizations often support candidates for public office, skirting the ...

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