Dear Editor: 

I am writing this letter to publicly apologize to the African Heritage Parade Committee and its chief organizer, Ms. Ada Pugh.

I’ll explain why. Throughout the years I have been quite critical of the parade. I would often offer scaving objections to the planning, preparation, and even down to the marching itself. I have a tendency to be tough. I won’t deny that. However, I am not so smug that I can’t admit when I’ve misjudged someone or something.

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This year’s turnout was a shocker to me. In fact I would dare say that this was one biggest African Heritage parades I’ve seen in years. Despite my inordinate schedule I am committing myself now to be more involved in the process and planning for the 2019 African Heritage Parade and future parades as well.

To Ms. Ada Pugh, as I mentioned to you on Saturday under the Gazebo, “It was much bigger this year. And I apologize for having been so critical.” To Ms. Lorna Cox, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my gift with the audience gathered for the festivities on Saturday. Truly appreciated. 



Corey L. Teague

City Activist