Dear Editor:

I don’t do this as often but I wanted to share an amazing experience I had to start my day.

Before I left my home to visit Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah, I was waiting for my car to heat up in my parking spot when retired Paterson Police Officer Joe, 25 years of service, pulled up next to me and notice dmy bottom two brake lights were out.

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He immediately pulled over, proceeded to explain the importance of checking my lights time from time and proceeded to assist me. Once his extra bulbs were not working, he asked me to follow him to a auto parts store nearby and replaced the old bulbs with new ones. Officer Joe showed me how my lights fused out and then gave me some encouraging words about life before wishing my family, the Mayor, and I well.

When I asked him why he helped me, he responded “I have boys your age, and I wouldn’t want them to forget the little things.”

Thank you Officer Joe for looking out for me!


Intashan Chowdhury