Dear Editor:

I wish to speak quite frankly about PARCC substitute (NJSLA). For starters, a 6-day test where actual teaching in the classroom is at a screeching halt is beyond ridiculous. 

To take away the teachers ability to teach for an entire week is insulting to their training and passion for teaching. 

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During this time, students are confined to the classroom and confined to a single test. I didn’t see the purpose or benefit to the students when I was a board of education member and I still can’t see the benefit of it now. 

We need to find a better way than to overextend our teachers and especially our students to excessive testing. There are at least 7 times a year that this excessive testing takes place and I can’t see the benefit of it. 

What about the students who are bright but are not good test-takers? Is it fair for them to be subjected to excessive testing? 

We have to do better as it relates to the excessive use of the testing. Teachers can’t teach, students don’t learn. 

It makes no sense to continue it (no matter how many times the names change) and if they still must have the testing it should only be 1 day. 



Corey L. Teague