Dear Editor:

I want to give a special thanks to Paterson Public Schools Superintendent Eileen Shafer for giving endless support to our students during the student's protest to walk out their school against gun violence yesterday. Our schools participated and their voices were heard. The goal was to spend 17 minutes to honor each victim of the Parkland, Florida, tragic mass shooting.  “Enough is Enough ” read the posters of a movement that was made clear it won’t go away until something concrete is done to combat gun violence.

Our students took part in activities yesterday such as:

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Organized Adult Supervised Walkouts
Walk Through the Building not Outside
Letters to Parkland students, staff, administrators
Assembly Programs
17 Acts of Kindness
What’s your 17?
Make friends with 17 students you ordinarily wouldn’t
Smile at 17 people you ordinarily wouldn’t smile at
Say a kind word to 17 people
Open your heart out to 17 people who might be hurting
Offer friendship to 17 people who may not have friends
17 reasons for change
17 reasons to make a difference
Write 17 letters to your Congressman, Senators, Assemblymen, etc.

Once again I want to thank Superintendent  Eileen Shafer  for showing her support to our students so their voices can be heard. I will be working collectively with my colleagues and the Superintendent to ensure our schools are SAFE.



Emanuel Capers


Paterson Board of Education