Dear Editor:

I want to congratulate all of our newly elected/re-elected officials today.

Sorry it took so long for me come around. I won’t sugarcoat it, I was disappointed in a way because a few of the candidates I worked hard for didn’t make it but I can still hold my head up high knowing that I picked and stood beside those who I believed in.

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To my Paterson family, it is now our responsibility to be actively engaged in holding all elected officials accountable. While we have sense enough to know that a majority of the promises made won’t be completed in a single year or even a single term, we still can hold them accountable to at least get the city back to some type of structure. In other words, we must make sure they are doing what they were elected to do.

Hosting BBQ’s is a nice gesture but it’s not part of the job. Cleaning parks is a noble act but that is not their job. Emptying garbage cans, while decent, is not their job.

Creating and passing legislation/resolutions designed to protect the public and strengthen the infrastructure of the city is their job. Properly reviewing the budget presented to them by the mayor’s office and making sure it is a workable budget that will help move our city forward is their job. Advocating for a stronger economy is their job. Holding the mayor accountable to the public is their job.

Let’s make sure we do our do diligence in making sure that those who have been chosen to represent us do so to the best of their ability. As long as they are committed to the community and the children I will be there to cheer them on.

There is a quite a bit of work to be done, together, even if at odds, we can make it happen.

We can.

We will.



In Solidarity,


Corey L. Teague

City Activist