Dear Editor,

Members of the Paterson Education Association and NJEA members around the State of New Jersey have been urging Senator Nellie Pou (LD 35) to publicly support Chapter 78 relief.  To date, over 4,000 emails have been sent to Senator Nellie Pou urging that she publicly endorse/sponsor legislation that will begin to solve the unfairness caused by unaffordable healthcare for all public employees.  In a recent story published by the Paterson Press, Nellie Pou nets Paterson Parking Job Pou is quoted as saying, "I love Paterson, I'm committed to Paterson, Paterson is my life."  Yet, when presented with the opportunity to make healthcare more affordable for Paterson residents, she is nowhere to be found. Your lack of leadership is fueling Senate President Steve Sweeney's attempt to destroy public employee Unions and empowering a culture of privatization of school employees.  Many of these public employees and their family members have supported you for many years --- where is your support?  We will not wait forever and the clock is ticking.

Like my colleagues, I am tired of politicians that talk a great game when it benefits their political career, only to perform a disappearing act when the political landscape gets tough.  Unfortunately, Senator Nellie Pou is not the only "friend" of labor that has yet to support public employees. Right next door, in Legislative District 40, Union members have started to organize actions against Republican Senator Kristin Corrado.  Like Pou, Corrado has yet to show the courage to, "Saddle Up" and support legislation that restores fairness to healthcare. Both Corrado and Pou represent thousands of public employees spanning approximately twenty (20) different municipalities.  In Wayne alone, which is a municipality in the 40th LD, a very large number of public employees live, work, and voted for Corrado because they felt that she would help heal the unfairness.  To date, we are waiting on Sen. Corrado's official position on where she stands--  Where is your support?  We will not wait forever and the clock is ticking.

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Sen. Pou, do not humor us behind closed doors.  Respect begins in public.  Respect begins with Chapter 78 relief. You are either with us or against us!  



John McEntee


Paterson Education Association