PATERSON, NJ- “Today Paterson is in mourning. Officer Tamby Yagan of the Paterson Police Force made the ultimate sacrifice for our city when he was tragically killed while in the line of duty.

“A native of Prospect Park, Officer Yagan was a volunteer in the Prospect Park Fire Department for six years before joining Paterson’s Finest through a COPS hiring grant. Officer Yagan served on the Paterson Police Force with distinction for 13 years. He was known for his staunch professionalism and dedication to his job. Officer Yagan was a beloved member of the Circassian community that thrives in Northern New Jersey. Officer Yagan was just 41 years old.

“When Mayor Williams-Warren and I visited with Officer Yagan’s family, it was very difficult for any of us to remain composed in the face of this horrific accident. I join the brotherhood of officers in the Police Department and the city of Paterson in grieving for Officer Yagan. Police officers put their lives on the line every day. These patriots always have the public in mind. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the law enforcement community throughout the United States in celebration of Officer Yagan’s life and in support of his loved ones. May God bless Officer Yagan.”