The word entrepreneur is used so commonly that we often bypass the value within the word. An entrepreneur is an individual that organizes and operates a business in which they assume greater than normal financial risks. The key word: RISKS! It is a heavy weight to carry, but a necessary part of the game to bring forth new products/services, innovations, and market growth. 

On February 1, 2019, entrepreneurs from across New Jersey entered the Crown Plaza in Saddle Brook not knowing how much love was about to be poured on to them. The event, hosted by 83 Ventures and CEO Mike Williams, served as a leadership program for entrepreneurs, and was filled with vital information needed to lead a business in our current world.

Williams led the training program, with guest speaker, Tamara Roberts, CEO of The Commission LLC. Williams drove home the points of what defines good leadership. 83 Ventures taught that you don’t need to have a title to be a leader and one doesn’t need a formal degree to be involved in creating leadership. In removing those boundaries, it gives everyone the mental permission to rise to the occasion in leading others.

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“All I do is connect people and help them grow by giving them information to move forward”, stated Williams.

83 Ventures developed the W3H approach, which stands for What, Who, How and When. In this model, leaders can’t manage unless they understand the full scope of WHAT they’re managing; there must be clear lines of accountability so that leaders understand WHO will be managing what resources; Processes, procedures, standards, and governance are critical to establish HOW the who and what are managed; After establishing the WHO, WHAT, and HOW, leaders must then measure so that they know when to make value-added improvements. This was just one the models that was presented to give the entrepreneurs in attendance resources to elevate their leadership journey. 

Angela Jennings, owner of Travel Clique stated, “The business event held by 83 Ventures was packed with many nuggets crucial for me to, not only run my business effectively, but more importantly, it gave me essential tools to take my business to the next level.” Angela attended the leadership program because she aspires to go from a full-time teaching career to a full-time entrepreneur of her company, Travel Clique. “I felt so motivated after the program that I immediately began identifying ways that I could level up right now- the 83 Ventures way.” 

Like Angela, many of the individuals in attendance at the leadership program were seeking the nurturing education that was being presented. The full day of presentations and teachings was free courtesy of 83 Ventures. As if that wasn’t generous enough, 83 Ventures hosted a complimentary cocktail reception the night before which featured approximately 40 entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds mingling and networking, speaking passionately about their businesses among one another. The pulse in that room was electrifying as evidenced in the eyes of the attendees. “The reason that I brought you all together wasn’t only for the good food, drinks, and networking- but for you to get to know one another so that we can begin to build an ecosystem where we utilize one another’s products and services”, said Williams. 

Jason Moody, another attendee of the leadership program said that it was, “one of the best one-day workshops that I have ever attended. My business, organization, and family will immediately experience the fruit of all that I gained in the few hours that were spent with Mike Williams.”

Entrepreneurs have the task of figuring it all out along their journey. Most times, they are the operations, investor, and labor for their business. 83 Ventures not only gave entrepreneurs jewels that they will use to grow and level up in their leadership walk, but also showed them the art of philanthropy through all that was given to them over that weekend. Williams impressed upon the attendees the act of “paying it forward”, “Now you must take what you have learned and invest that into others.”

83 Ventures will be back in New Jersey in April for their Black Business Excellence Award Gala, where Black entrepreneurs are being recognized and honored for being dedicated risk takers and innovators of their industry. To learn more about this event visit