Cori was once known to be a pretty active young man...the life of the party. He was a barber, a lifeguard and a tattoo artist. Until one day after dropping his wife off to work when he began to see blurred vision. He pulled over and called his wife to let her know what occurred. His wife told him to park the car, and they would deal with the situation when she got off work.

It was at that moment...10 years ago, that life as Cori knew it would change forever. Cori began to experience uncontrollable hiccups, paralysis as well as increased blurred vision. After several hospital visits, he was finally diagnosed with a rare condition called Neuromyelitis optica. 

Cori recalls the exact moment he lost his sight completely. He was 30 years of age in a facility receiving intensive therapy to regain the ability to walk again. He woke up from an afternoon nap and asked why they were sitting in the dark. His wife informed him that it was far from being dark as the sun was shining brightly. Although the room was bright, all Cori could see was darkness. That was the shifting moment for Cori. He went from being a lifeguard to guarding his own life. 

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Darkness came and caused a major shift between the illumination of sight to the iniquity of the usage of vision solely to see. Unbeknownst to Cori, God had prepared him for this shift. He equipped him with lifeguard's skills because part of his calling is to help others who are drowning. Not just from drowning in water but from drowning in depression drowning mentally and from drowning spiritually.

Cori Noble is a true example of walking by faith and not by sight.He is an inspiration to everyone he comes in contact with. His two sons are truly blessed to have a father who walks the walk and talks the talk. He strongly believes that being a great role model to his sons is showing them that they can do anything.

What should have killed him made him stronger. Cori was determined to rise above and beyond what statistics say he can not achieve. Not only did Cori go through extensive therapy to learn to walk again, he also went to school to learn Braille and everyday living skills which included learning how to cook and clean. One of his greatest achievements to date is completing his associates degree in human services from Passaic County Community College in August 2020.

One of Cori's favorite quotes are, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision."