Imagine that you’re crocheting a blanket and each stroke of the yarn that intertwines with the other is what creates the finished product. Every time the yarn overlaps, it interacts – it creates what was once an idea, into something tangible. This is life- yours, mine, everyone’s.

Whether you’re the big shot CEO of a billion-dollar company or the small business entrepreneur, you have felt the wide wingspan of COVID-19. At every level, the epidemic has caused major disruptions to more than our beloved industries. It has almost demanded control of our ability to dream in color, turning life into this fuzzy black and white movie. This can turn into depression and anxiety, killing our abilities to do most anything in an effective manner. Understanding how depression specifically affects entrepreneurs is John Gartner, a practicing psychologist who teaches at Johns Hopkins University Medical School. In his book The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (a Little) Craziness and (a Lot of) Success in America, Gartner argues that an often-overlooked temperament--hypomania--may be responsible for some entrepreneurs' strengths as well as their flaws. One of the very things that makes the entrepreneur able to compete could also be responsible for downward spirals. Now, add COVID 19 to all of this AND BOOM- a toxic blend.

At the root of most entrepreneurs’ depression is the lack of feeling valuable in ways to create income. Entrepreneurs require income to pay employees, order supplies, pay rent, sustain relevancy. This was all washed away with the inception of COVID 19. What most of us never explore is how deeply connected our spiritual wellness is to one of the greatest resources in the world- money. It is through our ability to have a healthy relationship with our emotional, mental, and physical selves that we discover some of life’s superpowers, including the ability to attract money opportunities into our lives.

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The power of our thoughts is said to be one of those superpowers. Everything that we do, encounter, create, build, destroy- starts in our minds. Long before we accept an award for an accomplishment or achieve successes, our minds develop the vision or pathway to those destinations. Our minds are constantly filtering and bringing to our attention information and stimuli that affirms our preexisting beliefs. The things that we consistently allow space in our minds is what will manifest in our physical lives.

It is our thoughts that eventually become the words we speak. Our conversations, our interactions with others, the culture by which we communicate are all connected to the words we speak. There is a saying, in regard to the power of words: “Speak life.” Speaking life means to speak with a positive tongue, as opposed to choosing a negative and dismal tone. We all hit hurdles and fall, but it is the person that gets back up that reaps the rewards. While our thoughts belong to us, often times, our words land in the lives of others. Have you ever thought of the weighted responsibility associated with your words? Speaking life over yourself and your business multiplies the expectation that you have to be a winner in all you encounter.

Eventually, all of our thoughts and words, good or bad, present themselves in our physical lives. They appear as accomplishments, disappointments, promotions, failures and so on. In an entrepreneur’s world, it can present itself as aligning with powerful partners, customer and business growth. It could also appear as failed strategies and lack of resources. The power of what we think, how we think, and how consistently we do those things can completely alter our reality. Every thought that we think, word that we speak, action we take- works together, weaving the blanket of our lives.

Now knowing how very important it is to keep our minds armored against negative thoughts, we must take intensive daily measures to keep our minds healthy. One way is to adapt daily affirmations that encourage and support the mission of who and what your brand represents. Daily affirmations can be found on Pinterest and Google. Hang them in your bedroom so that they’re the first words you experience when you rise and the last ones you see at the end of the night. Another amazing resource for preventative mental care is to join a wellness community, such as OMNoire, a social wellness community dedicated to women of color. Here, women are able participate in virtual wellness retreats, explore healthy eating recipes, take fitness classes and so much more!

While this may be the absolute hardest time that many of us have ever faced, it does not define our destinies. What defines us will be how we marched forward after this fall. There is no debating that money is the resource that affords us the opportunity to make our dreams reality. The lack of it should not depress us but should motivate us to suit up and armor ourselves in the wellness needed to obtain it.