Dear Editor,

I have been introduced to an emerging force in the U.S. Senate race. His name is Lawrence Hamm, a refreshing, seasoned, humble candidate who is championing an important agenda for urban communities in New Jersey.  Hamm's platform includes racial equality and justice, Medicare for all, universal income, end student debt, free college, ending the war, making millionaires, banks and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, public education reform, and stopping police brutality, just to name a few.

I just described a vast majority of concerns that need to be addressed for Paterson and Hamm is willing to fight all of them. His record speaks for itself, so we cannot afford to box Mr. Hamm into one category, a black history month speaker. Through my research and my personal engagement with him, he is more than that. We cannot continue to lock ourselves in voting a certain way to be liked, to please a certain crowd, to hide behind the curtain to avoid paying the price for what we believe in. Paterson, the time is now more than ever to value the power of our vote.

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As a lifelong Paterson resident, community activist, educator, homeowner, husband, and parent, I benefit from his significant contribution by his assistance of many residents throughout this state. His organizational skills have effectively contributed to the wellbeing of others through policies and laws and increase the awareness of the large gap of injustice for the black and brown communities.

This rare form of zealous assertiveness forms a candidate with the proven drive and the ability to stay connected to the voters, not just during voting season. I feel that Mr. Hamm is the type of leadership that Paterson needs representing us in the position of Senator. For this reason, I stand tall and with pride to endorse Lawrence Hamm for New Jersey U.S. Senator.


Sharrieff Bugg