Dear Editor:

Over the years I’ve noticed a vicious cycle of political apathy in Paterson. Paterson residents tend not to hold elected officials accountable with the same level of energy used to propel them to elected office. 

As voters, it is not only our responsibility to elect our representatives. It is also our duty to make sure our elected representatives are actually representing us. For years, that hasn’t happened nearly as much as it should. 

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Taxation without representation is a national issue but it is mirrored in Paterson. 

We have to move past the platitudes, cliches and slogans. If we elect representatives and those elected representatives fail to represent us then it’s time to remove those elected representatives and replace them. 

We have the power to make the differences we want to see in our city. We have the ability to exact change in our community. But we cannot expect something different to happen by repeatedly repeating the same pattern each election cycle. 

It’s time to view candidates and elected representatives for who they are individually and not solely based on party affiliation. I think when we start looking at who we elect objectively, instead of voting based on who we grew up with, went to school with, who’s in the same club or organization us, we will be begin to elect folks based on their ability to actually complete the work. 

It’s time to do away with the mundane practice of line voting. If someone isn’t treating the people right, vote them out. It doesn’t matter if they bring you a free turkey for Thanksgiving. 

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

In solidarity, 

Corey L. Teague