I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my voters and the Paterson community for entrusting their vote in the last election. Being a female first-time candidate and receiving the support that I did is very gratifying and comes with a responsibility to understand that the community trusted and believed in me.

The reason I decided to file for a recount was it was right to do so and based on current laws I was proceeding with what the law is allowing me to do. According to Justia Law:  

“19:28-1. When any candidate at any election shall have reason to believe that an error has been made in counting the votes of that election, the candidate may, within a period of 15 days following such election, apply to a judge of the Superior Court assigned to the county wherein such district or districts are located, for a recount of the votes cast at the election in any district or districts.”

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I was only doing what the law permits and if the table were turned where a male candidate requested a recount there would be no issue or question about it.  As a society we have to do better to support women who run and are in office. We have to be seen as equals and respected on the same level.

As a social worker I advocate for children and families on a daily basis with that I need to advocate for myself. As a female candidate we have to work triple than what a male candidate would have to. The expectations on a female are much higher because we are seen as weak and are led by our emotions. I am driven by passion and dedication to want to serve my community. I am withdrawing from the recount because I want to show my community that I want to work hard and want to win the next election as the people’s choice and also to protect my children from all the negative media.  I do not want to be viewed as a sore loser or that there are ulterior motives as many have said. I have always been transparent with my character and my story. I have been in control of my narrative and will continue to write my story with integrity and empowerment and show that WOMEN can run for office. Women’s HERstory is my brand of empowerment where I want women to know that living in your truth and writing your story is more empowering than having to fit into a societal mold that does not define the greatness your are to become and I want my political career to reflect that as well.

Talking to a reporter is never easy, and admittedly I was caught off guard when questioned about a potential recount. While I still believe every vote should be counted, whether cast in a machine or by mail, I also believe our city’s children come first, and it’s time to move forward from this last election. 

Today and always I will live in my truth.