My name is Jeyss Abreu and I am running for a seat on the Paterson Board of Education. I believe that my work and personal experience will help me be a voice for the voters of our city. I emigrated from the Dominican Republic at the tender age of 10. Paterson was our first destination and it is where my family first began to build an American foundation. 

My father was hard-working and always ready to give us his very best. He taught me the value of work and commitment to your values. As a father and committed citizen, I want to work hard for all of the children in this city. I feel that it is in the best interest of all to have people that are personally vested in the board of education. I want to demonstrate to students that it is ok to attend trade school and become a certified professional in a respectable field. I was fortunate to attend Passaic County Technical Institute and graduate with technical merits. 

I have worked and found a career that has provided for me and my family. Training at a Technical institute was the best fit for my lifestyle and career choice. If I can do it any other student who puts in the hard work and dedication can too. Also, my youth in the city allowed me the opportunity to play baseball and softball. It was an amazing experience that taught me the importance of discipline and recreation. Being a part of these teams helped me maintain relationships that I cherish through adulthood. When elected, I plan to reinforce how essential sports and recreational activities are in our city. We need to keep our youth engaged and working together not against one another. 

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Another part of my decision stems from personal experience as a dad. Personally experiencing the bullying of my daughter made me realize how disconnected we are. It is time we work out a better system that engages in a more direct way. What kind of message do we send students that are being affected and their families? What is the follow up once an incident is reported? Are we being as effective as we can to prevent another incident? 

These are the reasons I want to be considered as a candidate for this year’s election. It is time for a person who is an advocate for parents all over the city. We need to emphasize the importance of trade schools, the impact of increasing recreation and accountability for bullying. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I would love to have a conversation with any voter. Blessings and I wish all of the candidates well.