PATERSON, NJ - The Paterson Police Department’s ABC, in partnership with the Narcotics Division, conducted two operations Friday into Saturday that led to the issuance of several ABC charges, more than a dozen criminal complaints, two arrests, and the confiscation of one loaded gun as well as a variety of illegal drugs.

According to Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale, the first inspection was conducted at approximately 11:30 p.m. Friday at J&G Liquors, 22 Park Avenue. In addition to issuing five written charges 17 hookahs and $1,353 in cash said to be from the illegal sale of hookah was seized.

About an hour later, a second inspection took place at Question Mark Bar, 20 Van Houten Street. Speziale said the action was taken in response to complaints from local residents that the establishment was damaging the quality of life in the area, including by selling alcohol illegally after 10:00 p.m.

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During the inspection officers recovered a loaded illegal 9mm handgun from behind the bar’s counter, 89 Oxycodone pills, five grams of marijuana, and 1 ecstasy pill. 

The inspection resulted in the arrest of (2) people where one was an employee of the establishment for illegal narcotics charges and weapons related charges. More than $8,500 was seized from the suspected sale of narcotics and alcohol after hours.

Two men were arrested and taken to Paterson Police Headquarters for processing.