PATERSON, NJ - Three Paterson residents, including one serving time in New York on a previous conviction, have been charged with sex trafficking offenses.

According to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito the three: Jean Noriega, 48, Enna Gonzalez, 53, and John Oyola, 32, all face life in prison for their alleged actions.

Court documents report that the three conspired to coerce multiple women to engage in sex acts for money in both New York and New Jersey. Noriega is said to have used violence, threats of violence and drug withdrawal, and other means to force the women to perform the sexual acts for his profit. Noriega, the report goes on, continued his actions even after his incarceration in 2017.

Oyola and Gonzalez, authorities said, kept the enterprise running while Noriega was in jail.