BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Anthony DeFranco from Berkeley Heights advances to the American Ninja Warrior Las Vegas Finals by finishing 6th in the City Finals that aired on NBC on Monday, Aug. 12. The top 12 advanced.

The course included a brand new obstacle, named for the new movie “The Angry Birds 2”, as Baltimore is famous for The Raves and The Orioles. Not a single competitor made it past this 8th obstacle. 

DeFranco had the sixth fastest time to the "Angry Birds" obstacle. He came out on fire, having one of the fastest times yet, but it all came to a halt on the Angry Birds obstacle.

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At the end of the night, the Top 2 competitors faced off on the Power Tower, facing head to head for a safety pass; which gives them a do-over at the National Finals, where if they fall they will be given a second chance to run the course again.

2019 Baltimore, Maryland City Finals Results - Ninjas Qualifying & Advancing To Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1

Rank Competitor Gender Time Furthest Obstacle Video
1 Dave Cavanagh M 00:02:21.61 #8 - Angry Birds  
Won Power Tower & receives Safety Pass.
2 Lucas Reale M 00:02:46.65 #8 - Angry Birds  
3 Najee Richardson M 00:02:46.67 #8 - Angry Birds  
4 Julius Ferguson M 00:02:48.00 #8 - Angry Birds  
5 Conor Galvin M 00:02:48.60 #8 - Angry Birds  
6 Anthony DeFranco M 00:02:57.84 #8 - Angry Birds  
7 Joe Moravsky M 00:03:05.10 #8 - Angry Birds  
8 Lucio Battista M 00:03:05.30 #8 - Angry Birds  
9 Branden McWilliams M 00:03:14.12 #8 - Angry Birds  
10 Chris Wilczewski M 00:03:14.80 #8 - Angry Birds  
11 Joe Capobianco M 00:03:17.53 #8 - Angry Birds  
12 Michael Silenzi M 00:03:17.77 #8 - Angry Birds  
13 Garrett Lam M 00:03:18.37 #8 - Angry Birds

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