On September 23rd team members from the AT&T Piscataway and Bedminster locations went to the Menlo Park Veterans Home and helped run a very competitive game of Bingo. A great time was had by everyone who attended, the 11 AT&T Volunteers helped transport the Veterans from their rooms, then sat and talked to the Vets before the game, helped them play bingo and transported them back to their rooms after the game was over.

The AT&T Volunteers showed there true compassion for our Veterans as they donated a flat screen TV, a DVD player with over 20 DVD’s, puzzles, cloths and money to help the Veterans in there day to day life’s at the home.

The Bingo game got truly competitive, when a few AT&T volunteers donated $250 for the Veterans to play a few high stakes Bingo games, which the Veterans truly appreciated.

AT&T Volunteers who in the picture left to right are attended were Helen Szawiel, Brad Higginbottom (an Air Force Veteran),  Leslie Talochino,  Dennis Fitzmaurice,  Roberta Clark,  Sue Rocco,  Liz Leicht,  Patricia Lovett, Veterans Home Supervisor Marsha Lasko,  Patricia Jasper, Tushar Vakharia, and Joe Scrudato