Every year people go to their local stores and are attracted to gardening seed packages with the hope to grow their own vegetables and flowers. Some save money with dollar store selections which do work but some packages like Burpee and others, can cost three to five dollars a package. You might receive many garden seed catalogs each year, with many more options at a price plus shipping.

Are you really going to plant all the seeds in every package you’ve purchased or do you even have the space? What about animals in your area, will you share your crop, or just feed the neighborhood scavengers. Come share your problems and experiences. And don't forget a notepad.

Let's meet at Kennedy library to discuss your gardening questions on February 9 at 2 PM. Bring some of your excess fresh seed purchases (no old seeds please). Seeds should be packaged in groups of five to ten seeds for a swap session. No seeds can be for sale. Bring an easy-to-read swap list of what you have to share and the seed packet or picture and description. Be prepared to provide - sun or shade, how deep to plant, days to harvest etc.