EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -: The Center for Great Expectations is proud to announce its collaboration with the Brunswick Square Mall and Northfield Bank to host a special Baby Bottle Brigade—April 13-May 11, 2019—to benefit and support the moms and babies who are the focus of the agency’s superb human service programs. The Baby Bottle Brigade is a fun way to bring the community together to do this!

It’s easy to participate in the Baby Bottle Brigade as an individual, business or family to assist the moms and babies at The Center for Great Expectations. Simply stop by the Brunswick Square Mall between April 13 and May 11, pick up a baby bottle at the Mall Manager’s office and collect your spare change to fill up your bottle! Any time during the campaign, you can drop your baby bottle off in the Mall Manager’s office, at CGE or at The Center’s table in the mall. The goal of the Baby Bottle Brigade is to raise $7,500 to support the important programs at The Center for Great Expectations. Help the Brunswick Square Mall meet its goal, get your bottle today!

“I am really proud to support these young ladies to overcome early obstacles in life and to help each of them to continue making strides to reach her full potential both as a woman and as a mom."

Ron Lichtenberger, General Manager, Brunswick Square Mall

Northfield Bank Vice President and Area Manager Marisa Guagliardo also visited The Center for Great Expectations and after seeing the comprehensive continuum of care offered to the women, adolescents and men, she knew Northfield Bank would want be part of his impressive organization. “We are so proud to be part of this amazing community who continues to give back and support our local families.”

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Under the leadership of General Manager Ron Lichtenberger, the Brunswick Square Mall teamed up with Northfield Bank and dedicated itself to promoting the Baby Bottle Brigade with the stores in the mall and with shoppers. Ron was inspired to support The Center for Great Expectations after taking a tour of their residential treatment facility in Somerset. “After touring The Center for Great Expectations, it was extremely motivating to see the dedicated staff working so hard to help the residents move in a positive direction both for themselves and for their children.”

“CGE recognizes the importance of community partners like Brunswick Square Mall and Northfield Bank. We are so grateful to Ron and Marisa for leading this fun initiative!” says Peg Wright, President and CEO of The Center for Great Expectations.

Representatives from The Center for Great Expectations will be at the mall the following Saturdays: April 13, 27, May 4 and 11, 12:00-4:00 p.m. We invite you to stop by our table to learn more about our work and pick up a baby bottle.

The Center for Great Expectations provides an Uncompromised Continuum of Care across prevention and treatment of substance use and mental health disorders. Programs include: School-Based Solutions; Residential Treatment Centers for women and adolescents; Katy’s Place, child development center; Roots to Recovery, an outpatient center; and Permanent Supportive Housing; S.T.A.R.T. program, an in-home treatment program for pregnant or parenting women with opioid use disorders, providing substance use treatment, case management and parent-infant mental health. CGE’s organizational Nurtured Heart Approach© provides a safe environment for each client to individually benefit from an innovative treatment modality combining trauma-informed care and Parent-Infant Mental Health, for the best possible outcomes for both parent and child to break the intergenerational cycle of trauma, substance use, abuse and homelessness.

For more information, contact Veronica Finlay at: vfinlay@cge-nj.org or visit our website www.cge-nj.org.