ATLANTA, GA – While forecast models are not yet certain, Central New Jersey could see a significant impact from Tropical Storm, formerly Hurricane Hermine, officials say.

According to the National Hurricane Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Hermine is now churning off the South Carolina coast and is expected to stall and possibly strengthen, before heading north in an uncertain track that could produce hurricane-like conditions in the Garden State.

A tropical storm watch is in effect for Middlesex County in New Jersey as the storm rolls up the coast before turning out to sea, National Weather Service officials said Friday night.

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The storm originated in the Atlantic and intensified over the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall as a hurricane in Florida.

From there, Hermine traveled through Georgia and South Carolina before going back out over the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean late Friday.

Hermine is expected, at this point, to continue moving northeast, then stalling over the Del-Marva peninsula, wreaking havoc on coastal areas between Delaware and New Jersey, according to the latest forecasts.

If it does, it could strengthen and retain hurricane characteristics as it churns off the coast, then depending on steering wind currents, could unleash strong winds and heavy rains on inland New Jersey, including Middlesex County, according to the National Weather Service.

Hermine is not only putting a damper on those heading to the beach on the final weekend of the summer season. It is also threatening the traditional South Plainfield Labor Day Parade which has never been canceled due to weather.

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