Central Jersey Coalition Coalition Against Endless War (CJCAEW) which was organized in 2002 to stop the Iraq War and has continued since then to fight for peace and social justice has filled 2 buses to go down to the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, January 21, 2017. CJCAEW bus coordinator Ellen Whitt noted, "We could have filled many more buses had more been available.  The outpouring of support from all corners of New Jersey is really astounding."  More than 100 buses are leaving from New Jersey alone.

The CJCAEW joins with the Women's March on Washington to declare that women's rights are human rights and to pronounce a bold message of resistance and self determination.  Tina Weishaus, another coordinator, explains, "We are bringing people of different genders, ages, races, cultures and backgrounds to Washington to affirm these principles and to declare that we can no longer afford to be divided along these lines.  It is essential that at this critical time when the new administration is signaling drastic attacks on all but the wealthy, we unify around the comprehensive agenda put forward by the organizers of the Women's March, which declares that Gender Justice = Racial Justice = Economic Justice = Climate Justice."

The Women's March on Washington proudly acknowedges building on the foundation of all those who have fought for equal rights and justice before us - the suffragists, the abolitionists, the Civil Rights Movement, the feminist movement, the American Indian Movement, Occupy Wall Street, Marriage Equality, Black Lives Matter, and others. Tina Weishaus points out "The Women's March on Washington is bringing all these struggles together under one banner on January 21, taking a major step forward towards empowering our resistance and building our solidarity.  It promises to be a most exciting day. when we will be proclaiming that a better world is indeed possible and women can and will be in the leadership." 

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In addition, there are at last count 370 registered Sister Marches which will be occurring on January 21 in every state of the US and in 32 countries around the world.  "When so many people come together here and around the world with a vision of justice and equality" declares Ellen Whitt "it is indeed a very hopeful day.  And the CJCAEW will continue to do the day-to-day work necessary in our local communities to make progress towards that vision."

Contact Tina Weishaus,  732 207-4206  or tweishaus@gmail.com Can be contacted on the day of the march by cell phone.  

Who: Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War (CJCAEW)

What: CJCAEW Buses To Join Women's March on Washington

When: Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 6:30 am

Where: Leaving from Labor Center (SMLR, Rutgers), 50 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ