EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  In a message today that was sent to all East Brunswick residents, Mayor Brad Cohen advised residents to use caution when addressing the literal "fallout" from yesterday's storm.

Here is a summary of the contents of his message to the community:

  • PSEG and JCP&L are working toward restoring power in some parts of town which still have no electricity.  The Mayor reminds residents that Comcast and other internet providers have also been affected by the loss of power.
  • Most of the damage from yesterday's storm was caused by wind, not water.  Downed trees have fallen across power lines throughout East Brunswick.  They have also interrupted the service of traffic lights.Cohen advises residents not to attempt to move large branches or address downed lines.  Full restoration of power in some areas could take until Sunday.
  • If cones are placed at a location, do not move or remove them, as they may indicate the location of downed wires or active power lines.
  • If a resident is unable to do the heavy work of moving branches or obstructions due to age, disability, or other factor, he/she should contact the East Brunswick Department of Public Works or Department of Parks. However, picking up fallen branches on residential property that are not causing a hazard is not a priority at this time,

Here is the full text of Mayor Cohen's message to East Brunswick residents regarding the power outages remaining after yesterday's storm:

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Good morning, this is Mayor Cohen. I’m sure that with a pandemic, financial
collapse, racial tensions, debate over school opening, and now the effects of
yesterday’s hurricane, most of us would love to hit the reset button on 2020. I
wish I could do that, but we’re not in OZ, so let me give you the most current
updates on the aftereffects of yesterday’s hurricane.

First, I have been in contact with representatives from both power companies
that service East Brunswick – PSEG and JCPL. As most know, yesterday was
primarily a wind event. We have not had any reports of flooding, despite having
prepared for it.

Both PSEG and JCPL have reported restoration to parts of the town, but these
were generally areas that were easy to restore. Areas without service are
generally caused by damage to primary and secondary transmission centers and
downed trees and/or poles that interrupt the transmission lines. Both companies
have secured help from mutual aid crews from out of state to augment the crews
that were already here in state. Globally, the company expects full restoration by

There is nothing that the township can do to make the process occur any faster.
We ask that you continue to be patient as many of our own staff, including our
police, fire, parks/recreation, and DPW personnel work to get power restored.
Additionally, information on the power company websites regarding restoration
times are gross estimates and should not be counted upon at this time as many
areas were unable to report power outages to begin with. The companies are still
determining the extent of damage.

Please do NOT touch any downed power lines or any trees that are attached or
tangled in power lines. Contact the power company (if you can get through) or
the township through the police or DPW departments to report such conditions.
Many residents have also reported loss of service from Comcast. Comcast service
depends upon power and as such, internet, cable, and phone service will be
restored when power is back. Additionally, due to the loss of internet service,
most of us are using our cellular service as an alternate. This has caused increased
demand on the cellular capacity and as a result, there is a slowing or dropout in
service. Again, this will all be resolved once power is restored.


In the event of a medical emergency please utilize any communication option at
your disposal. If all else fails, go directly to the nearest Emergency Room. In
addition, the Police Department have put cones and caution tape in places that
pose a risk to public safety. Please do NOT move cones or attempt to cross into
areas that have been closed. They are closed for a reason!

Residents have also asked about fallen tree branches. The township is already in
the process of clearing trees and tree branches that block roadways. We will
make every effort possible to pick up all fallen branches from your residential
property. This is NOT a priority at this time as crews are all deployed to help with
restoration of power. Please leave any fallen tree branches at the front of your
property so that it can be picked up when we can get to it. Please call the
Department of Public Works to schedule a pickup but this will NOT likely be this
week. Small branches will be picked up by the DPW department and brought to
our compost center on Edgeboro Road. Larger branches will need to be chipped
by our Parks/Rec Tree Crew. Since we only have one chipper, you will need to be
patient. If you are unable to move branches or trees due to age, medical
condition, or a disability, please contact the Mayor’s office at 732-390-6810. We
will do everything possible to get you assistance. Do not attempt to do this

We have all certainly been tested and patience is in low supply. I ask that you
continue to hang in and we will get through this crisis together. On a good note,
there were no reported injuries or accidents as a result of yesterday’s storm. Feel
free to write or call my office with your concerns, but know that your safety will
always be my number one concern.
Stay safe!!