South Plainfield– South Plainfield Councilman Robert Bengivenga Jr., recently raised concerns regarding the three main Lehigh Valley Line rail crossings in South Plainfield. In particular, Councilman Bengivenga discussed the New Brunswick Avenue crossing which is in such disrepair that vehicles practically stop while going over the tracks. The tracks are maintained by Conrail.

At the last Council meeting Councilman Bengivenga asked that a resolution regarding the tracks be tabled because he was poised to meet with representatives with Conrail to discuss the track issues.

Councilman Bengivenga and Councilwoman Faustini met with representatives of Conrail at the New Brunswick Avenue rail Crossing. At the meeting Conrail agreed the New Brunswick Avenue rail crossing needed repair and they notified the Borough they plan to fix this rail crossing by October 2017. The other two rail crossings are under review and Councilman Bengivenga and Councilwoman Faustini were hopeful the Clinton Avenue Extension rail crossing will be fixed within the next 12 months.

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“I’d like to thank Conrail for their immediate response,” said Councilman Bengivenga. “Conrail agrees that repairs need to be made at the New Brunswick Avenue crossing and plan to address the issue as soon as possible.”

“Councilman Bengivenga did a great job bringing all parties together to discuss this issue and other rail issues,” said Councilwoman Faustini. “We are looking out for the safety of our residents and commuters and Conrail was on the same page. Hopefully we can keep these lines of communication open as we look to address other rail issues in town.”

“Infrastructure improvements have been taking place all over town, and this is a good thing,” said Mayor Matthew P. Anesh. “The rail crossings can only be repaired by Conrail and I am glad Councilman Bengivenga has been able to get their commitment to fix the crossing.”

According to Councilman Bengivenga the repairs at New Brunswick Avenue should last no more than two weeks. Conrail is expected to notify the Borough prior to the start of the New Brunswick Avenue repairs.