Why are you running for Mayor?

Piscataway is growing and changing at a rapid pace. As mayor, I will ensure that the interests of Piscataway citizens come first.

I will move to make a park on the old Cornell Farm.

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I will have either the YMCA or a Youth Center built by my second year if elected.

I will hold Business Round Table meeting to review zoning & ordinances to improve the business climate for small businesses and come up with incentives for the property owners of empty buildings to invest in the needed changes to accommodate the different business models today.

I will have all Planning Board & Council meetings recorded on PCTV.

I will implement a usage fee that Rutgers will have to pay. Currently, Rutgers live-in Professors and faculty send their children to our schools for free. This puts the burden on all residents and that needs to end.

All Township businesses will get preferred status for bids, not political friends.

I will have a review board select an Officer from within to be our next Police Chief. No politician has the knowledge or experience to hold Director of Police. That would jeopardize all our safety, especially in the times we find ourselves in now.

I will look to develop better relations with surrounding towns and hope to enter shared service contracts.

I will restore Respect and Honor to our Municipality.

Community Over Party 
It's Time!

About Damon Montesano

Damon Montesano understands what it means to be a proud Piscataway citizen. Born and raised in Piscataway, his childhood was spent exploring the once dense woods behind Quibbletown School and fishing in New Market Pond. His first lessons in team-building and discipline were learned on Piscataway’s own athletic fields.

After high school, Damon enlisted in the U.S. Navy to serve his country. There he honed his skills in leadership and developed the courage to take responsibility and the integrity to accept accountability, equipping him with the character and confidence to succeed.

With a degree in marketing and management, and almost two decades in a competitive workforce, Damon’s customer service and sales experience proves he is adept at listening to the concerns of his clients, identifying their needs, and developing practical solutions to their satisfaction. His responsibilities as a procurement manager include analyzing processes to isolate inefficiencies and then use a balanced approach to rein in wasteful spending, a critically necessary skill for judicious management of taxpayer money.

Damon has served the community through various programs including the Civil Emergency Response Team (CERT), Piscataway Clean-Up Day, Piscataway Board of Education, Community Relations & Finance Committees, through his church, Our Lady of Fatima, and by organizing the protests against the red light cameras.