EDISON, NJ – Edison Police are seeking the owner of an abandoned or lost pit bull puppy that authorities say was so badly malnourished and dehydrated that it would not respond to treatment and was ultimately euthanized.

In addition to being emaciated, veterinarians determined the pit bull puppy – between four and six-months-old – had severe bone deformities, an enlarged heart and heart murmur, and other internal organ ailments, authorities said.

A Heritage Drive man found the white and tan puppy while jogging Sunday morning on New Dover Road. He brought it home, fed it and turned it over to township Animal Control Officer Jacqueline Baird, who transported it to Garden State Veterinary Services in Iselin for emergency medical treatment.

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 “Our first reaction was to treat the puppy and restore it to health. Late Sunday, the veterinarian informed us the puppy was suffering too much. A humane decision was made, in this dog’s best interest, to euthanize it,” animal shelter staffer Amy Ray said.

Police Detectives Robert Ellmyer Jr. and Charles Zundel, the department’s humane law enforcement officers, are working with the Animal Shelter staff to find the dog’s owner. The puppy did not have a collar, tags and was not micro-chipped.

Anyone with information may contact the Edison Police or the Edison Animal Shelter.