From Plainfield to Hollywood: Award Winning Plainfield-Based Crime Drama Hits Big Screen at IndieNight Film Festival In Hollywood

The acclaimed independent film Moves We Make made a stop at the Indie Night Film Festival in Hollywood, California in October. Based on the short story “Checkmate” written by popular “Urban Lit” Author JM Benjamin and directed by Brooklynite Patrick Coker (Shankman’s Deli), the crime drama is 28 Minutes of “edge of your seat” suspense. Filmed entirely in the City of Plainfield, the drama is the first in a series of films to be released over the next year by Nonstop Show Group, which is also based in Plainfield.

The story is a dark tale of a conflicted street thug, whose decisions lead to devastating consequences that disrupt his entire world, turning everything upside down. The film tackles tough issues surrounding consequence and action, and the dichotomy of street life that claims the lives of so many young Americans annually.  Writer and creator JM Benjamin, who spent ten years incarcerated for a variety of charges, has written 20 books since his release dealing with life in the underworld and growing up in underserved communities since being released in 2006. Benjamin was raised in the Elmwood Gardens Housing Projects, which was recently demolished to make way for a new townhouse complex.

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Author JM Benjamin said, “It’s a universal story based on what I was exposed to. It’s very parallel to my life when I was in the streets and even now not being in the streets. This is a story about a man who lives his life strategically every day, and he has to make the best moves possible in order to get through the day. That’s my life now. I’m just one bad decision away from returning to prison. So every day, I focus on making the right moves. That’s where the tittle came from.”

Starring John Anthony Wylliams (Daddy’s Boy, Heroes Don’t Come Home), Dahiana Torres (Walls Have Ears, Pain Love and Passion), Christian Barber (Empire, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and Executive Produced by Plainfield Resident and Film and Television Veteran Lamar David Mackson  (Carrie Diaries, Kitchen Nightmares, Damages), Moves We Make will keep you guessing until the end. 

IndieNight Film Festival, which is now in its fifth season, has been hosted by notable film veterans like John Singleton, Robi Reed, Morris Chestnut and Vanessa Williams.  The festival aims to elevate the craft of artists while giving them an avenue where they can be recognized on a bigger platform, network and exchange information with new and established Hollywood creatives.