Let's talk about last night's LD 17 Senate Debate between Daryl Kipnis (R) and Bob Smith. (D) 

It was a pleasure to be in attendance for last night's debate and I was thrilled to see that we landed a big venue, like Piscataway high school. I'm glad our citizens are finally waking up and smelling the coffee about what's going in Trenton, Piscataway, and all over New Jersey. 

As a long time Independent voter, I went there with an open mind but came away with a clear vision of what's best for my district. 

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The bottom line? Daryl Kipnis and it's not even close. 

Let's do some background real quick, shall we?

Whenever I see the hard left leaning Progressive Democratic party endorse a candidate outside of their own party, it raises an eyebrow...both eyebrows.  Grabbing the endorsement of New Jersey's own Bernie Sanders revolutionaries speaks volumes to Kipnis' ability to reach across the aisle. In this age of literal walls between the two parties, it's refreshing that one candidate understands the big picture and that is that we are a district of many thoughts, creeds, beliefs and differences, but at the end of the day, we are all proud AMERICANS. 

In addition to this stunning endorsement by the former Bernie Sanders team, Daryl Kipnis showed he was a man of the people last week by putting himself out there, mixing it up with all New Jerseyans on the radio with NJ 101.5

Where has Bob Smith been? What's his platform? How many more gas taxes will he vote for? Will he put himself out there to the people like Daryl Kipnis did? Crickets. 

By the way, here's where Bob Smith voted for the Gas Tax on NJ.com


A recent InsiderNJ poll (Sep 21st) overwhelmingly declares Kipnis will not only upset Bob Smith, but will send a clear message that New Jersey is tired of partisan politics, term limits, and a lack of connection to the people. 

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Last night's debate had a clear cut winner. You could feel it in the crowd and hear it in the parking lot on the way out. (Not counting the Kipnis rally in the parking lot) 

Daryl Kipnis, the Republican who loves DACA? This is a guy who doesn't play partisan ball and you can say that for his entire ticket. 

Let's talk about the one candidate that no is talking about and everyone needs to know right now. 

Let's talk about Robert Quinn, Assembly candidate for this upcoming election.

Same district as Kipnis, more gusto, more polish, more in common with the every day voter. 

Love the TAP? So does Robert Quinn. His kickoff started in the TAP and guess what? Democrats endorsed him too.

For your reference 


My brethren, the choice is clear on the ticket in a little more than week. 

You can see why Somerset County Chair, Al Gaburo, hitched his wagon to these gentlemen. They are the future of American politics, bi- partisan politics, New Jersey politics. 

When you vote on November 7th. Take a good hard look at Column 2. Do you want a future dominated by one party?

Or do you believe in a future where men of character are willing to cross party lines to do what is best, to do what is right? 

Vote Kipnis/ Quinn and your conscience November 7th

Sir Abraham Yates