PISCATAWAY, NJ - Dr.  Peter Stavrianidis, Ph.D., a successful entrepreneur and fourth-generation family business owner of Venus Jewelers, presented a class on entrepreneurship to the students of the School of Chemical Engineering on Dec. 6, 2017 at Rutgers University.  The presentation titled, "How to Market Yourself in Business and in Life" provided students the key elements required to succeed in any entrepreneurial endeavor, starting from interviewing, landing a fine position in the job market and becoming a leader in the corporate or private sector.

According to Dr. Stavrianidis’ research, three things really count in a skillful communicator – first, vocabulary or information, his ability to articulate, listen and communicate; second, his tone of voice; and third, his body language. Of these, the last counts most. Body language is more important than content, he said.

He also spoke about the importance of leadership and how our world today is thirsty for competent leaders. “Leadership is a learnable skill” Dr. Peter mentioned several times in his presentation and demonstrated some of the qualities and habits that make somebody a leader.

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“Money is a symptom of success,” Dr. Stavrianidis said. “It requires enthusiasm, energy and service … with these ingredients your team will win, your organization will prosper, and you will be elevated to higher degrees of influence”.

He concluded his presentation by inviting students on the stage and coached them on their presentation skills encouraging them to follow the template that he had taught them.    

Dr. Stavrianidis, with more than 35 years of business experience has made it his mission to share his experience with the public, and especially college students, with the intention to motivate, inspire and educate.  He is a well sought-after speaker/trainer in professional and personal development seminars. Dr. Saviranidis is principle of Venus Jewelers, a fourth-generation family owned business known for its vast designer bridal selection, custom-design work, repair services and as direct diamond importers and was voted Courier News "Best of the Best" Jewelers Somerset County in 2017. Please visit www.venusjewelers.com for more information.