To the Editor:

In an election season that has seemed to already be consumed by the 2016 Presidential debates, I have found it increasingly important to focus on our upcoming local race for State Assembly. Without a doubt, Patrick Diegnan and Nancy Pinkin are both excellent candidates for the Assembly, and will have my vote. As a public-school educated recent college graduate, finding a good job in my home state was important to me. It is essential that we continue to support candidates that improve our education system and work to make our students and residents the best they can be. I believe Diegnan and Pinkin are the candidates that can make that a reality.

As the Chairman of the Education Committee, Patrick Diegnan has worked tirelessly to ensure quality education for the residents of District 18 and New Jersey as a whole. In his time as Chairman, Diegnan has prioritized education in computer science, and has worked to promote biliteracy for New Jersey’s students. He additionally has supported legislation to reduce standardize testing for young students, as well as reduce bullying in schools and increase student privacy. I believe Patrick Diegnan has served our Assembly very well and will only continue to advocate for public education and the students of New Jersey.

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Pinkin began her career as a nurse, and has worked to improve public health and safety during her time in office. As a member of the Health and Senior Services Committee, as well as the Law and Public Safety Committee, Pinkin has sponsored legislation to improve highway safety, increase education and use of defibrillators in public spaces, and improve our food service health and sanitation standards. She has advocated tirelessly for the health and wellbeing of New Jersey residents, and I believe she brings an important perspective to our state’s Assembly.

Whether they are increasing the quality of a New Jersey education, reducing healthcare costs, improving the lives of working families, or working towards lowering property taxes, Diegnan and Pinkin have proved themselves to be true advocates for the residents of District 18 and the citizens of New Jersey. I am proud to support them, and I hope you will join me at the polls on November 3rd

Sonia Guior