January 31, 2018 – 26 years ago, Anne Gordon received a phone call from Town Hall.  A writer was needed to work for the Township.  Was she interested?

She previously worked for ten years at the local medical school in Piscataway and New Brunswick, then with a friend operated an at-home cookie gift business for three years.  But now, her three children were all grown and she wanted to be around people during the day.

When Gordon showed up to Town Hall, she was shocked to be interviewed by then-Mayor Ted Light himself.  She was hired on the spot and her first day was the very next day.

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For the next 26 years, Anne would give of herself tirelessly to the Township, starting as its public information officer and then being promoted to Chief of Staff.

“Anne Gordon has been a bedrock of the Mayor’s Office in providing services and communications to the people of Piscataway.  Her retirement is well deserved and we wish her well,” former Piscataway Mayor and current State Senator Bob Smith said.

While Anne’s husband Bob is a native of New Jersey, Anne was born and raised in Carbondale, PA.  Upon their marriage, the newlyweds lived in Beaver, PA about an hour away from Pittsburgh where their first son and daughter were born.  When the kids were five- & four-years-old, Bob got a job in New Jersey and the family moved to Piscataway.  Their second son would be born and all three kids would grow up in the Township.

During this time, Anne would return to her schooling.  She graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers University, earning a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in women’s studies.

Anne has worked for a total of three Piscataway mayors: Ted Light, Helen Merolla, and since 2000 current Mayor Brian C. Wahler.

“She has been a truly wonderful part the Township staff throughout her career and has been devoted to all of Piscataway’s residents,” Mayor Wahler said.  “I think that for every program that exists in the Township, there is great evidence of her time, caring and wisdom.  Moreover, Anne has been a mentor and much-loved figure for everyone that has worked in Town Hall.”

Anne’s time at Town Hall has resulted in her crossing paths with many of central New Jersey’s prominent citizens.

“It has been a true honor to work with Anne through the years.  She is a dedicated public servant who has contributed so much to Piscataway and its citizens.  I congratulate on her well-deserved retirement and wish her the best,” Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. said.

Even though Anne starts her retirement tomorrow, she isn’t slowing down.  Anne is very much looking forward to reading books and going to the movies – two of her great pleasures that have been put aside because of her work schedule.

She also plans to enroll in a Rutgers University program designed for senior citizens and take time to go to lunch with friends.  Most of all, Anne wants to relearn the piano.  She played as a third and fourth grade student and performed at a couple of recitals at that age but then stopped – a decision she has always regretted, but now she can restart.

Anne and Bob now have five grandsons between the ages of 20 to 31.