EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  Transformers were waiting to be transformed.

Trolls and minions were lined up to be loved.

Board games were no longer bored.

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The members of the Middlesex County 4-H were on the job, ready to get these toys some new homes.

Thousands of toys were waiting to be wrapped by the energetic members of the 4-H this past Saturday when they gathered at the center on Cranbury Road for their annual holiday gift-wrapping.

Toys and other gifts wre being prepared for a family shopping experience to support those who need help around our county.

On Sunday, parents would come in to shop and then 4-Hers would wrap and personalize the gifts.  Afterward, the presents would somehow get into Santa's sleigh and out to the kids.

It was one step in a miracle.

Some of the cash raised to purchase the gifts came from the proceeds of the annual Halloween Fright Fest run by the 4-H.

Lots of support came form the American Legion of Milltown and Milltown Post 2319 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Donations were also received from Target, Home Depot, Bagel Fresh in East Brunswick, and Pierre's Bakery in South Brunswick.

Say Laura Bovitz and Dave Donegan of the Middlesex County  Office of Cooperative Extension, "We made gifts for 140 families from all over Middlesex County.  The kids do great work."

Judging by the level of humor, good will, and purpose at this event, the Transformers were not the only ones being transformed.