To the Editor:

Recently our household received a letter with a return address of the Middlesex County Clerk’s Office.

The letterhead read County of Middlesex Board of Chosen Freeholders, with a complete list of the Democrat Freeholders on the top left side, including those who are currently candidates in the Nov. 3 election. 

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We received the letter on Oct. 30.  What a coincidence!

The body of the letter contains a discussion about a question on the ballot regarding whether to “prioritize funding to programs which provide transportation services for individuals in need of dialysis, chemotherapy, or other regular medical services as a means of offsetting recent federal and state funding cuts." 

I wonder why the Democrat controlled Board of Chosen Freeholders spent money for this mailing?

Wouldn’t it have been more economical to send out a free press release to urge taxpayers to voice their opinion of how their taxes should be spent?

The letter closes with the statement “Good government is responsive and responsible.  Please help us continue to meet your needs by telling us if this is a priority to you.”

Somehow that paragraph sounds like a statement that is used in campaign literature.

Need I say more.