PISCATAWAY, NJ – During Saturday’s reorganization meeting, Piscataway Township Council members unanimously elected Gabrielle Cahill as council president for 2016. She is the immediate past vice-president for the council and replaces Councilman Steven D. Cahn, who completed his term at the end of 2015.

“Councilman Cahn did a fabulous job as council president last year,” reflected Cahill after being sworn into office. “He kept the township and the council focused on what we do best, which is to take the taxpayers’ dollars to use for road improvements, safety improvements, our police department, and so on. Councilman Cahn, being a volunteer fireman, helped keep us focused.”

Council members also elected Councilwoman Chanelle C. McCullum as Cahill’s vice-president. Both currently serve on Mayor Brian Wahler’s Historic Preservation Advisory Commission and oversee the 350th Anniversary Celebration planning committee.

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Council President Cahill expects to continue with projects already started during Cahn’s administration.  

“We’re very much involved with the infrastructure and making sure the taxpayers’ dollars are being used to keep the public safe, keeping the roads well to drive,” said Cahill. “There are a lot of projects going on such as with the sidewalks because we’re big on promoting walking in this town which helps those people who don’t always drive and need to use a sidewalk to get to local places. Since Piscataway doesn’t have a downtown area, those sidewalks have helped a lot of the residents.”

But Cahill doesn’t plan to overspend on current and future initiatives. “In 2016 we’re going to be laser focused on trying to keep taxes low while spending our taxpayers’ dollars very wisely,” she said. “Our mayor is very frugal with the money and tries to use it wisely and to make sure that it betters the town and not just used for things that are for naught.”

Cahill has been a long time advocate for public safety and good use and preservation of open space. The township receives funding for the park system through various grants, and she plans to continue pursuit of these types of awards in 2016.

“We want the young people in town to continue to have parks to play in,” Cahill said. She wants to “invest in our youth so they enjoy this town and they value the town, and therefore will also want to put back into it.”

Both Cahill and McCullum are in the last years of their council terms which expire at the end of 2016.

Also during the reorganization meeting, Mayor Brian Wahler led the Oath of Office for community members and council members he appointed to be parts of, or to lead the various commissions and committees that are necessary to help operate the township.  He also acknowledged county officials who were in attendance including Sheriff Mildred Scott, Freeholder Director Ron Rios and Freeholder Kenneth Armwood, and thanked them for their longtime support of Piscataway and his administration.