Piscataway Business Owner, Adrienne Wallace, of Online Speech Services LLC is proud to partner with The Global Speech Suite and form The Communication Collective: A collection of youth-focused programming centered around expanding and enriching communication, public speaking, presentation skills, leadership skills, diverse group collaboration and social-emotional learning in school-aged children and teens. ** These programs are 100% online with LIVE instruction.**

Camp Connect (6-9 Year Olds), Camp Engage (10-13 Year Olds), Camp Inspire (14-17 Year Olds) and Camp Transform (Young Entrepreneurs) are specially designed & led by professional communication coaches to give our children the fundamental tools they need today, in order to transform into our future leaders and build a brighter tomorrow.

These are highly engaging and interactive virtual camps focusing on one of life's most vital skills--COMMUNICATION! Given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, it is now more important than ever to help our children connect with others and have success with communication-- online, at school, in the community, and at home!

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Camp Connect is for children ages 6-9 who want to enhance their communication skills by:

  • Expressing their ideas with clarity

  • Boosting their confidence

  • Connecting through conversations

  • Sailing through social situations

  • Facing their fear of public speaking

  • Learning the basics of voice projection, non-verbal communication, and speaking presence

  • Exploring & celebrating diversity

  • Engaging in opportunities for leadership

Camp Engage is for children ages 10-13 who want to enhance their communication skills by:

  • Planning engaging presentations

  • Speaking with clarity and confidence

  • Using appropriate body language

  • Learning do's and don'ts for communicating online

  • Enhancing voice projection, non-verbal communication, and presentation presence

  • Engaging in opportunities for leadership

  • Exploring & celebrating diversity & what makes each individual unique

By participating in these communication enrichment programs, your child will boost their clarity and confidence while expressing their ideas, enhance their active listening skills, develop skills to connect with others & engage in conversation, finesse their public speaking and presentation skills and much more!

Beyond being FUN, these programs will work to help your child develop these essential skills to succeed in personal, social, and academic contexts!

Why Us?

Professional Coaches:

Co-founded by two board-certified speech-language pathologist entrepreneurs with combined 40 years of experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our custom curriculum was developed by our co-founders to address the knowledge and skills that our future leaders will need to be successful in an ever-changing society.

Small Group Size:

We intentionally keep our groups small to enable every participant to be actively involved. We provide many opportunities to practice in a group and receive constructive feedback for each learner to thrive.​

Fun for All:

Participants will have a blast participating in fun games and activities that enable them to practice their communication and leadership skills, all while boosting their confidence.

Our Winter Session of Camp Connect and Camp Engage begins Saturday, January 16th. Receive 10% off when registering 2 children(sibling/relative/friend).

To Learn More About #CampConnect, #CampEngage and our other programs, please visit www.TheCommunicationCollective.com.