Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) issued the following statement on President Trump’s executive orders on construction of a Mexican border wall and targeting sanctuary cities and consideration of suspending visas from several majority-Muslim nations.

“President Trump built his campaign on fear mongering and demonizing disadvantaged groups that often do not have the means to fight back. These executive orders are a continuation of his impractical, dangerous and discriminatory beliefs.

“It is shameful for President Trump to ‘target’ the cities he is sworn to defend and by extension the people he is sworn to serve. I will do everything within my power to work to protect New Jersey’s local governments and leaders who have based their decisions involving immigration on compassion and the practical needs of their communities. I am confident that the people of New Jersey will not accept being targeted by their own President, and I look forward to standing with them every step of the way.

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“The President’s consideration of action to prevent immigration from several Muslim majority countries – including for refugees fleeing persecution – is shameful.  For our entire history, America has served as a refuge for those facing persecution and President Trump’s sweeping executive order will tarnish our brand abroad and risk the lives of thousands. To suspend all immigration from these nations without cause is completely contrary to American values.

“Mexico will never pay for the unnecessary and impractical wall as President Trump has promised. To continue the exercise of building a wall will cost taxpayers money and do nothing to solve our nation’s complex challenges involving immigration. President Trump is wasting the American people’s time with his obsession with a wall and he should start focusing on real solutions for the American people.”